The difference between tattooed hair and SMP

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Men who would like to have their hair loss treated have many options available to them. This comes in the form of products and services that have different levels of efficacy depending on the degree of their hair loss. There is the very common anti hair loss shampoo that is a popular choice among those whose condition is in its early stages. This could be complemented with concealers or camouflage products that work well in creating a semblance of a thicker head of hair. It is however quite temporary and can easily fade. Medication has been proven effective to regrow hair in the more progressive stages of alopecia. It should be taken continuously to enjoy its benefits though it also has accompanying side effects. The more advanced stages of hair loss may require surgery. This can be undertaken through hair transplant procedures such as follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction methods. Both however, would take months before any appreciable results may be noticed.

Perhaps the quickest and most effective method would be a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment. This procedure is able to create an illusion of hair without the need of constant laborious maintenance outside from regularly cleaning and moisturizing the scalp. Its application is almost painless and the recovery period is about three days at most. There are however, some clinics and those who claim to be SMP practitioners to be wary of.


A quality SMP procedure can only be considered as such when it is not noticeable as a hair loss remedy. The candid observer should not be able to distinguish it from a normal head of hair. An SMP gives off a semblance of “just-shaven” hair. Any form of detection would classify this as a poorly made procedure that might make it suspect to being tattooed hair instead of SMP, exactly what the recipient wants to avoid.

The evolution of an SMP procedure had its beginnings as a hair tattoo. Back then; there were no specialised methods or procedures to create this refined method of treatment. There were only equipment, inks, facilities and even technicians skilled in the same methodology as creating a tattoo. Not that there was anything wrong with that. Tattoos when they are well made, is a beautiful art form that can be appreciated upon a person’s skin. It is an expression of both the artist and the bearer who believes in the meaningful symbolism that it carries. This however, is precisely where it fails as an SMP.

Treatment for hair loss is not meant to draw attention. It is supposed to look as natural as possible, without the need of unwanted comments or scrutiny. An SMP mainly serves to address this need. It is created through a highly technical process that results in an illusion of hair. This method has been perfected through years of research as well as trial and error. Only the very best clinics and skilled technicians can actually create real SMP. They use specialised tools, inks and updated facilities specifically engineered for this process.

Aside from these factors, a prospective patient should perform due diligence to find out more about the procedure. It is best to gather as much information such as feedback and personal consultations before submitting to the process. Speaking with the prospective specialist and inspecting the facilities plays a large role in determining its whether a patient should push through with it. Watch out for clinics that hold their services out at bargain prices. A cheaper SMP procedure does not necessarily mean a better one.


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