The dangers of cheap scalp micropigmentation offers

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The goal of every business is to try to make a profit. They offer products and services that cater to the wants and needs of the consumer public in the hope of being able to generate repeat or referral business in the future. To be able to do this, business owners make sure that what they offer is a product or service of good quality. There are however, other establishments that only try to capture sales for the short-term. They advertise their goods or services as one time offers knowing that what they are providing is sub-par and will not meet the expectations of the consumer. Almost every industry has these kinds of players in them and the hair loss industry is no exception.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment is one of the most effective remedies out in the market today. It is able to address hair loss by providing an illusion of “just-shaved” hair. SMP can also help create a semblance of thicker hair for people undergoing diffuse thinning of the scalp. This procedure is so versatile that it can even help cover-up the long horizontal scar that a follicular unit transplantation (FUT) hair transplant can leave behind.


The cost of a quality treatment should range anywhere from £2000-3500 (around $3500-6000) depending on the customers requirements. This should be considered as the absolute minimum a prospective patient should expect to pay. This is because there is a lot that goes into the process to justify the price. It is a highly technical procedure, specifically engineered to create a service that can potentially last for the lifetime of the client given the right maintenance and aftercare. Dedicated SMP clinics like HIS Hair Clinic use specialised inks, equipment and facilities that only cater to this service. There are also SMP specialists who are trained in the method of applying and layering pigments to create an illusion of “just-shaven” hair.

Getting SMP should never be cheap. A prospective patient should be on guard whenever he comes across an offer advertising such services at bargain prices, as it could only mean that they would receive a sub-par treatment. Rarely or almost never would they actually receive one of good quality. There are certain types of ink, equipment and personnel training required in order to deliver a real SMP treatment. Not using some or any of this would put the prospective client in danger of receiving a hair tattoo instead of an SMP.

Real SMP treatments are very hard to detect. The pigments are able to blend with the existing hair on the scalp to create a very cohesive pattern that creates a strong semblance to a full head of hair, albeit shaven in appearance. A cheap SMP might create a bluish hue, making it look like a bad hair tattoo. It will make it easy to distinguish from real hair and can look very awkward. The patient might also feel more anxious toward his baldness. Not only will he have to deal with his hair loss, the uneasiness will be compounded by the poorly made hair pattern on his scalp. This is the antithesis of what an SMP is for.

The cost to remove a bad treatment (when added to the cost of the original procedure itself) will prove more expensive than getting one of good quality in the first place. There will be the initial cost of getting this hair tattoo, the expense of having it removed and the actual price to pay for receiving a real SMP. It really is better to get one of good quality right from the beginning. There is no need to entertain a cheap SMP offer and the best thing to do is to look the other way if a prospective patient happens to come across one.


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