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Having disappeared for a while the offer of temporary SMP seems to be making a comeback. We take a closer look and ask “which is the really temporary version here?”.


Temporary SMP – A Brief History

In the early days of SMP clients were understandably a little nervous. Imagine being the first person to be offered laser eye surgery, or a pig’s heart. There are plenty of examples. Without the benefit of others going before you to prove the treatment it must be a nerve wracking experience. Like most of us I consider myself fairly risk averse, I would not be first to go on a bungee jump… I would want to wait until a few people had jumped to make sure everything, from the length of the rope to the people working there, were all ship shape. But then I would start to get anxious about wear and tear. I have yet to make a bungee jump. We all owe a great debt of thanks to the intrepid early adopters who did a great deal to advance the techniques and equipment to where it is today.

Temporary SMP’s were an early attempt by HIS to offer clients an option. One where they could wear an SMP, in theory for a relatively short time, before they made a longer term commitment. The issues this created meant it was quickly abandoned as a recommended solution.

The Trouble With Temporary


The ink used in semi permanent make-up cannot be removed by laser. It is removed over time by the lymphatic system, because the rate of that removal varies from person to person the process can take months or even years to complete. During that time the fading can be patchy. Dermatologists can help, though there is a considerable expense attached.

The Power Of Permanent

Virtual SMP

Given that the work involved in delivering a temporary SMP is identical to the real thing you will not be surprised to read that there is no premium on price associated with the permanent version. The major benefit is that for the client who decides, for any reason, that they wish to remove the treatment the procedure is extremely straightforward.

A laser treatment, using very low levels of laser, lasting just a few minutes can remove the pigment with no scarring or damage to existing hair. In many cases it can be completely removed in one session. There is a variation, as in all things to do with SMP, from client to client depending on pigment shade, skin tone and the immune system. But the process is cheap and effective.

HIS Hair Clinic


So for the would-be client who wanted to try it out, the benefits of a permanent SMP when it comes to removal make it a no-brainer. Not to mention the fact that your permanent version is the real thing, using bespoke pigments designed for the purpose (part of which is their ease of removal).

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