Scalp Tattoo Option Becoming Popular

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For hair loss sufferers, a scalp tattoo is fast becoming one of their preferred options to camouflage their baldness.

For years the only viable options available to most people experiencing some form of hair loss have been hair transplant surgery, a hair system or some form of temporary concealer. Each option has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, as has a scalp tattoo, however the latter is now being considered as one of the most attractive options.

It is easy to see why this trend is occuring. For example, hair transplant surgery can cost in excess of GBP £10,000 (approx USD $15,300), and can cause scarring, plus the patient may require additional surgery if further hair loss is experienced. Hair systems can be difficult for many people to live with. Concealers generally do a great job, but do not offer a permanent solution as they merely cover up the problem for a few hours before they need to be applied again.

The only real disadvantage of a scalp tattoo as a hair loss solution is the fact that the clients remaining hair must be kept short for the treatment to appear natural. Aside from that, the benefits are numerous including the minimal amount of maintenance required, the highly effective result that no-one will ever notice unless you choose to tell them, the fact that no surgery is involved and above all, the permanent nature of the treatment means that you’ll never again have to worry about your hair loss. The problem is simply eradicated for good.

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