Hair Tattoo Terminology Explained

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The phrase ‘hair tattoo’ is one that tends to cause confusion from time to time, so we thought it best to clarify exactly where the term ‘hair tattoo’ is derived from.

Our treatment for hair loss sufferers is not a new concept, in fact as the original innovators of the MHT® scalp pigmentation technique we have been treating hair loss for over six years. However for many of our clients, this is a new concept as it is not one they have heard of before, therefore the use of the terminology ‘hair tattoo’ was adopted as this was the easiest way for our clients to understand the treatment that we offer. MHT®, the brand we created to represent scalp pigmentation, actually stands for ‘Micro Hair Tattoo’.

hair tattoo

As our hair loss treatment has become more widely recognised, we have stopped referring to it as a hair tattoo, as the technique is actually quite unlike conventional tattooing. The needles are different, the pigments are different, and the specialist skills required are certainly very different. Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson, pioneers of MHT®, underwent several years of training in Melbourne, Australia and Harley Street, London before adapting and perfecting existing processes to create the revolutionary new MHT® scalp pigmentation technique. Hair loss clinics around the world are now taking notice, and several have approached HIS Hair Clinics with a view to providing the treatment in-house.

We advise our clients to be wary of any company that refers to a treatment for hair loss as a hair tattoo. Many of these companies are regular tattoo parlours, and do not have any of the specialist skills or experience necessary to offer an effective treatment. Remember it is your head, and any treatment applied to your scalp will stay with you so make sure you get the facts before committing to anything.


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