Scalp Micropigmentation Simulation – How Realistic Is It?

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How would Jason Statham look with SMP?

His Hair have offered prospective clients a simulated SMP for years now, surprisingly few take up the offer. The suspicion is that either it is not a good approximation of the real thing, or that it is too good and the real thing will never bear comparison.


Why Simulate?

How would Jason Statham look with SMP?

What will it look like on me? It is a perfectly understandable question, one of several that those investigating Scalp Micropigmentation might ask as they throw barriers in their own way. We see it as part of a bigger process that starts when SMP is first discovered – The knee-jerk reaction to finding something that seems to good to be true is assume it isn’t, it might sound like a great idea but surely it cannot be that effective in real life. Some additional research, mostly on the HIS Hair forum where the testimonies of real clients going back over years, will go a long way to reassure even the most skeptical. At this stage there is often a period of self-doubt, again this is understandable – particularly for our younger clients. The cruel blow that hair loss delivers to the self-confidence of a young man can undermine their confidence in every aspect of their life. That extends, in our experience, to believing that there will be some reason why SMP will not work properly on them. It is why when they read that fading, for example, is a feature of the treatment they instantly assume they will be an extreme case.

So the use of modern photographic software that enabled outstanding simulations was adopted, to provide would-be clients with some insight into how their finished treatment might look.

Hollywood Hair

What would Vin Diesel look like with SMP?What would Bruce Willis look like with SMP?

One of the problems with simulating Scalp Micropigmentation is that when the client sees the finished result they just don’t recognise themselves with a hairline, they have quickly become hard wired to see themselves as bald. Or at least if they do recognise themselves it seems to good to be true.

As you can see from these simulations of very familiar faces the outcome is completely realistic, when we show these to people lacking confidence in the outcome of their own simulation it goes a long way to reassure them – funny how the brain works when it comes to judging your own image.

HIS Hair Clinic


Of course simulations are just that, any talented operator with an understanding of the software can produce an effective image. It is a completely different proposition to turn that simulation into a reality. Spend some time reading the hundreds of testimonials on our forum and it will become apparent that treatments are journeys, occasionally unpredictable with a variety of possible detours. In the hands of an experienced practitioner with the appropriate training and equipment the end result is always perfection – HIS, as the inventors of the treatment, are head and shoulders above the competition in every respect, not least because of their guarantee to achieve perfection for every client – a guarantee that has stood the test of time.

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