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Many people around the world now refer to MHT® as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). HIS Hair Clinic explains what SMP actually is, and where the name originated from

To understand the story, it is important to start from the beginning. Back in 2002, HIS co-Founders Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson were searching for a solution for Ian’s own hair loss situation. Ians brother had sadly passed away and the obvious distress that this had caused, resulted in the development of stress-related alopecia and the subsequent loss of Ians hair.

Ian and Ranbir purposely pursued an idea of combining body art tattooing techniques and micro pigmentation techniques to create a cosmetic application that could be directly applied to the scalp, hence the name scalp pigmentation. The concept of applying a pigmentation technique to the scalp to conceal hair loss seemed the ideal solution for Ian. Following the worlds first application on Ian’s own scalp, they realised that the same solution could help millions of men worldwide. Following an intensive period of training, development and testing, MHT® (Micro Hair Technique) was born. To find out more about the history of HIS Hair Clinic see this page.

So how does this relate to SMP?

In the beginning our scalp pigmentation MHT® technique was virtually unheard of. It didn’t take long however for word to spread, and a growing number of people from other countries were traveling to the UK to undergo this revolutionary new technique for hair loss.

Amongst these traveling clients were a significant number of American citizens. Inevitably these clients went back home to the United States, told their friends and family, and shared their experiences in the major hair loss forums. It didn’t take long for hair restoration providers to realise what we were doing, and a handful of them set up in competition with HIS Hair Clinic. Trying to differentiate their activities from ours, they universally added the word “MICRO” to form part of the name, “Scalp MicroPigmentation” or “SMP” for short.

Fast forward to today

HIS Hair Clinic has established seven locations in the United States in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco and Miami, and are recognised as the world leaders in Scalp MicroPigmentation for hair loss. We consistently deliver the most realistic results, and we are the only company in the industry to operate an open forum to enable our clients, past and prospective, to discuss their experiences.

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is the name for our specialist hair loss treatment.

Micro Hair Technique (MHT®) is the name for our trademarked technique, the application methods and the way we perform our SMP treatment, day in day out.

Many of our American and International clients have become accustomed to the terms “Scalp MicroPigmentation” or “SMP” therefore to avoid any confusion we also now refer to our treatment as SMP.

Things to consider when choosing your SMP provider

Massive interest in our MHT® technique has resulted in a number of companies that now offer SMP procedures.

Bearing in mind that the result you achieve is ultimately down to the skill of your practitioner, it is important to remember that some providers have more experience than others. If you are going to entrust your appearance and your confidence to someone, you need to be sure they can offer the kind of experience that is required to deliver the flawless result you’re hoping for.

Ask to see independently verifiable results, either on a public forum or by meeting one of their past clients face to face, and ask about what guarantees they offer. If the company is unable or unwilling to accommodate your requests, then consider the potential implications very carefully before making your decision.

For more information about the MHT® Scalp Micropigmentation technique, we recommend the following pages:


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