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“Hair loss, whether premature or not, is an issue for more than 10 million men in the UK, and can be caused by a variety of different conditions.

Male pattern baldness is the most common reason why men lose hair. Usually by the time most men have reached their early 60s, they are showing some signs of baldness. However baldness can begin at virtually any age from late teens onwards.

Male pattern baldness is actually a form of alopecia. Alopecia is really a name that covers a lot of different factors that contribute to baldness. Three of the most significant of those factors are disease, age and genetics. Some men go bald because they are genetically disposed to do so. Their genetic make-up means that they produce more of a chemical called dihydrotestosterone, which weakens the hair follicles to the extent that they fall out and cannot grow back.

The dilemma for many men is that, if they are self-conscious about their condition, the alternatives can sometimes seem just as excruciatingly embarrassing. If you’ve begun to lose your hair, will you feel any less self-conscious if you suddenly emerge one day wearing a toupe or hairpiece? Probably not, and these sorts of measures cannot effectively conceal the fact that your hair is not growing back.

A local clinic in Harborne, Birmingham is stirring up the hair loss industry with a revolutionary new treatment that is entirely different from anything we’ve seen before.

MHT®, or Micro Hair Tattooing is a technique offered by HIS Hair Clinics, delivering pigmentation of the scalp to simulate the appearance of real hair. Whilst the thought of tattooing hair onto your head may seem a little strange, the results are extremely impressive. We met several of their customers and we were quite frankly, astonished by the illusion created.

We spoke with Ian Watson, Founder and Director of HIS Hair Clinics. “As the word has spread about our MHT® technique, we’ve served customers from all over the world. As MHT® does not exist where they come from, most have tried alternative solutions and been unhappy with the results. Often our customers are at their wits end, having tried every lotion and potion available.” When asked why customers were prepared to go to such lengths to hide their baldness Ian replied, “Hair plays a major role in defining self image and confidence. Many believe that losing their hair somehow makes them less attractive, or appear less successful. The media plays a major role in creating this stigma. We simply offer a non-surgical solution to help men regain their self-esteem.”

Demand for their service is clearly high, demonstrated by the opening of 6 new branches in 2009 in Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, London, Marbella and Malaga. More locations are planned throughout 2010 to service clients across the UK and in the US and Europe. HIS Hair Clinics has also been approached by several hair transplant clinics with a view to offering MHT® as an alternative to surgery.”


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