Let Your Light Shine, But Not Your Scalp, Part II

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article-2211097-0D3DCD03000005DC-297_468x641 For the final installment in our series, we look at finding the right product to put the finishing touches on our oil control campaign. As we learned, lotion alone is not enough to dull the shine if we experience any issues with an overly shiny scalp. It starts with proper cleansing, but it ends with applying the right product. Moisturizing the scalp is important because a dry scalp sends a signal the body to pump up the oil production, which we’ve well established is the problem. By maintaining a consistent cleaning and moisturizing regimen, we’ll will win the battle against a bright scalp.

For a quick recap, we first learned that they key to controlling scalp shine starts with a proper cleansing. Washing your scalp with an oil control cleansing product goes a long way of ridding skin of excess oil. For more details, or in case you missed Part I, you can find the article here.

Don’t see one of your go-to products here? Join the conversation and share your favorite. Check out these featured products that go above and beyond just moisturizing, but have some form of mattifying effect on the skin.





 Anthony Logistics For Men Instant Fix Oil Control

This mattifier boasts to absorb oil and grease on contact and helps reduce the appearance of pores. Highly recommend for clients who suffer from the appearance of large pores. Perfect for shaved heads, this Instant Fix is good as either your go-to product to start the day or to keep on hand to address the need as the day progresses. Or both. A consensus top product across the board, Anthony Logistics really delivers here. The key ingredient? Silcon dioxide, which diffuses the light.

 “I apply a small amount of this all over my face and it INSTANTLY mattifies my skin and rids me of any grease and shine. It lasts for a remarkably long time, too.”




 Jack Black Oil-Control lotion 

A mainstay brand on all major men’s magazines, the Jack Black Oil-Control lotion is quick absorbing lotion that   provides all day shine control. This Men’s Health Award Winner for best oil control moisturizer is loaded with antioxidants and active ingredients like Kaolin, Nylon 12, Vitamins A, C, and E, along with Witch Hazel to keep the oil and shine under control and provide the skin and scalp with a long lasting matte look.

  “Best shine control product I’ve used.”



Matte for Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion

While moisturizing is important and the SPF 25 sun protection is an welcomed bonus, the name says it all for why we like this product: matte. This do-it-all lotion features an anti-shine property that ensures the lotion leaves no trace or shine after application.  Loaded with antioxidants, the Matte for Men Face & Head care lotion is a solid all-around choice whether one is looking for anti-shine or not.

“One of the things that I noticed after applying the lotion was that it made my skin feel tight.  The lotion also left a matte finish on my skull reducing the shine that many of the lotions provide.”



Peter Thomas Roth anti-shine mattifying gel

This specifically formulated wonder gel features an advanced “oil-absorbing pore minimizer” leaving behind a clear, matte finish on the skin. The key ingredients here are   Polysilicone-II and Silica, which work as a one-two punch to absorb the oil which leaves the skin with a matte appearance all day. Fast absorbing, this mattifying gel doesn’t leave the skin looking chalky, but goes on clear. While it doesn’t have an SPF property to it, it can be used over a sunscreen or a lotion that does.

The matte effect lasts several hours, but not all day for me, so I carry with me and reapply in problem areas.

1bKyoku for Men Oil Control lotion

 An innovation of sorts, this oil control lotion from Kyoku is adapted from their standard face lotion, only this time reformulated to dry up oil without over drying the skin. Using what they call “oil-lifting technology,” Kyoku Oil Control features the use of micro-particles that penetrate the skin and dry up excessive oils on the face and scalp, leaving the skin and scalp with a “soft, matte finish.”

 “I’ve tried ‘oil/shine control’ lotions from Jack Black, Kiehl’s, and Anthony. They’re all decent but none come close to this product.”



HeadBlade Head Lube matte lotion

Another exceptional product from our friends over at HeadBlade. HeadLube is a straightforward lotion specifically designed for your scalp. No article colors or dyes, no perfumes, just the good stuff: shea butter, tea tree oil, and safflower oil. Goes on clean, no greasy layer left behind. The great thing is, HeadLube comes in both glossy and matte. Most clients who have used HeadLube prefer the matte, but try both and see what you like – at around $7 a bottle, you can afford to try both. While the glossy and matte don’t offer SPF, HeadBlade wouldn’t forget about you, so they have a third lube complete with SPF 30.

 “I have shaved my head for years, starting in the military, and there is nothing on the market that compares. I am Italian, and I have oily skin, and this does the trick.”


Have a product that works for you but didn’t make the list? Let us know; head over to our forum and join the conversation.


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