An introduction to scalp micropigmentation

SMP Information

This short article is intended for those with no knowledge of SMP. The most important and useful resources are listed here to enable a broad overview of this hair loss treatment for men

Many clients refer new clients to us after their SMP treatments. These referrals are usually friends, but often include family members, work colleagues and sometimes complete strangers! The person referring to client to us has obviously been through the process and understands the positive impact SMP can have on their everyday life, but the person being referred has often never heard of scalp micropigmentation and has no idea what it is, how it works or what it can do for them.

With this in mind I created this page to point newcomers to SMP to the introductory information, the top line stuff that they need to know, so they can better understand what scalp micropigmentation is and what it can do.

First things first, all prospective clients should see this video:

So what exactly is SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is the process of placing tiny pigment deposits into the scalp to replicate the appearance of shaven hair follicles. When executed by a skilled practitioner, the appearance is flawless with no discernable difference between your pigment dots and your remaining real hair. Even clients who are totally bald can have an extremely effective appearance of a full head of hair again, after just 2-3 treatment sessions.


Why come to HIS Hair Clinic?

HIS Hair Clinic is the world’s number one scalp micropigmentation specialist. We innovated the technique in 2002, at least 6 years before any other provider existed. We operate more clinics, employ more practitioners and offer better results versus any other company in the world. HIS Hair Clinic is widely regarded and accepted as the premier provider of this hair loss solution for men, and although our work is emulated elsewhere, it is never matched.

Where can you learn more about SMP?

We make every effort to ensure our website remains as comprehensive as possible. If you are new to scalp micropigmentation and you want to know more, I would suggest the following resources would be an excellent place to start:


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