Just why is SMP becoming so popular?

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Just why is SMP becoming so popular?

Just why is SMP becoming so popular?Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) was originally founded by the HIS Hair Clinic and has now become one of the leading hair loss cosmetic solutions available across the world. It was originally developed as a cosmetic procedure for men, who have suffered from hair loss and as a medical solution to conceal scars, burns and even birthmarks on the scalp.

Experts say that the procedure has universal appeal as it is non-invasive, permanent and can offer immediate effective results. SMP can also be undergone by those who already have hair to achieve a denser and fuller look. The only maintenance which is required is keeping the scalp clean and well-moisturised; many men who have minimal hair growth choose to shave their heads regularly to improve their appearance.

Benefits of SMP

SMP can enhance your profile by creating a soft, natural looking hairline and even sideburns so that you don’t have to worry about how your scalp looks. Pigments used are colours that replicate your natural hair colour and suit your skin tone, so results are 100% natural looking. After the scalp has healed – usually a matter of days, it is virtually undetectable that you have had a cosmetic procedure done.

The SMP procedure

The SMP procedure can replicate the appearance of a shaven head as it deposits thousands of minute pigments onto the scalp. The process must be carried out by an experienced technician as it requires specialist equipment, different needle sizes, depth and angles of penetration, pigmentation colours and distribution rates.

Patients are required to have an initial consultation with their technician where they can talk about their expectations and requirements. The technician will then work with the patient to find the ideal hair line design and pigment colours that are closest to the patients natural hair colour.

The procedure itself is carried out over a series of appointments so that the technician can build up layers of colour, allow previous deposits to settle and let the scalp heal for best results.


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