After seven hair transplants, I’m finally happy

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after seven hair transplants I'm finally happy

after seven hair transplants I'm finally happyFrom the age of 21, David Anderson’s hair began to fall out causing him to panic and suffer from low self-esteem. Within two years, he had undergone his first hair transplant, but this wasn’t enough to stop his hair fall.

By the age of 26, Anderson had undergone two more subsequent hair transplants in a desperate bid to hold onto his receding locks, yet these weren’t enough to stop his hair disappearing which led him into a downward spiral of depression. Anderson decided to quit his job to work from home so that he could avoid meeting new people, his low self-esteem also caused his marriage to break down as the feelings of isolation set in.

Doctors used the follicular unit transplant (FUT) technique for his initial three hair transplants; FUT involves removing a strip of tissue from the donor site, then grafting hair follicles from the tissue to fill in bald patches on the scalp. Unfortunately this procedure leaves visible scars from where the tissue has been removed which only added to Anderson’s depression.

Seventh time lucky

As Anderson was still young, his hair loss had not stopped and the unnatural transplanted hair was becoming more obvious as it grew out. He felt too conscious to shave his head due to his scars from previous surgeries, for three more years Anderson secretly underwent further transplants using disposable income to attempt to feel normal again. Finally he contacted one of UKs leading surgeon who grafted hair from Andersons beard with the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method achieving the natural result he wished for all along.

Alternative solutions

It is actually not so uncommon for men to suffer hair loss in their early twenties which is why a procedure such as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) would definitely have been a better and much cheaper solution for Anderson. Hair transplants at a young age usually don’t offer a guarantee that hair loss won’t continue behind the line of the latest hair transplant, SMP can not only offer natural-looking results despite hair loss, it can also hide scars from previous surgeries or even injuries.


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