Jilted at the altar for being bald

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groom bald

groom baldImagine being turned down at the altar by your fianceé because she discovered that you were bald. It happened to one unfortunate neurosurgeon from New Delhi last month when he took off his headpiece during the ceremony.

It was an arranged marriage and the couple had never met before so the baldness could have been one amongst a number of reasons why the bride to be got cold feet.  As far as the unlucky groom goes he could have tried a couple of options to cover his lack of hair for the big day:

Some ways to tackle baldness


  1. Hair transplant- it might have been too late for this particular option. Transplants have come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades but their success does depend on having enough donor hair left at the back and sides to migrate to the bald patch.
  2. Hair system – otherwise known as a wig this might have saved his blushes on the big day but ultimately it can require a lot of maintenance and there’s always the risk of it coming adrift in high winds, swimming etc.
  3. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). This might have been a better solution for the unfortunate surgeon.  An increasingly popular treatment amongst men, SMP creates the illusion of a lifelike 3d layered buzz cut.  It’s never going to replace long flowing locks but it does at least convey the impression of choice of hair style, rather victim of hair loss.  It’s also virtually zero maintenance.

Relatively happy ending

In the end it didn’t work out too badly for the surgeon.  Rather than return home empty handed he talked to the local village council and they hastily arranged another marriage for him with the daughter of a vegetable seller a couple of days later.  Maybe he kept his headpiece on during that ceremony.



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