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easter hair loss

easter hair lossAs we approach the Easter holidays maybe you’ve got a bit of time off.  Here’s a few things you can do to make the most of the break to give you and your hair a rest.

  1. Watch the diet. Actually, dark chocolate can be good for your hair but you can’t live on Easter eggs alone.  A couple of days away from your normal routine might give you chance to cut out on the fast food and ready meals and concentrate on healthier options with the minerals and vitamins needed for your general health which will also impact on your hair.
  2. Consider a restyle. Easter and spring time are all about renewal so maybe it’s time to ditch last decade’s style and go for something more contemporary.  If your hair’s getting a little on the thin side then stop trying to hide it and go with a sharper, shorter look.  SMP might be a great option if you’re getting a little thin on top.
  3. Don’t spend all your time off work partying. Alcohol and late nights will wreak havoc with your hair, not to mention your general well being if taken to excess.  Like most things in life moderation is the key.
  4. If you gave up smoking for Lent – stick with it. If you’ve stopped smoking for 40+ days then you’re no longer chemically addicted.  It goes without saying that smoking has some pretty awful consequences but it’s also bad for your skin and hair and is another of the primary causes of hair loss because of the toxins and the drying effect on the follicles.

Finally, it’s not all about giving stuff up.  Relax and enjoy yourself. Catch up with family and friends; go to the beach or just enjoy a few long walks in the country. Stress is a growing cause of hair loss.  As our lives get busier and relaxation time becomes more precious you’ve really got to make the most of down time.  Studies in China have indicated that hair loss is becoming an epidemic and that’s being put down in large parts to stress.  Happy Easter!


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