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Its a question that gets asked a lot – how to explain to your friends, family and work colleagues how you had no hair yesterday, but a full head of hair today? Here, we try to tackle this slightly awkward issue

In an ideal world, we’d recommend to every client that they keep no secrets and just come clean. Unfortunately this is the real world, not an ideal world, and its not always so simple. You might feel comfortable discussing your scalp micropigmentation treatment with your family, and perhaps even some of your closer friends, but what about your boss, your colleagues and others you spend a lot of time with?

For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume that you’ve told the people you want to tell, and you’re looking for advice about how to explain your hair to those you’d rather not tell.

Exactly how you explain the sudden emergence of hair on your head depends largely on the extent of hair loss you’d previously experienced. Clearly a man with no hair at all, who suddenly returns to work with a full head of shaven hair, will need a different approach to the next guy who has simply added a little density to his remaining hair, or had a minor hairline reconstruction.

A number of ideas have been bounced around our forum over the years. Here are the most popular suggestions:

You say nothing

Believe it or not, this works 90% of the time. Just say nothing at all. Your hair may be a massive issue for you, but the harsh reality is that no-one else cares unless they notice something is obviously off, and they won’t notice your hair anywhere near as much as you do, or as much as you think they will. Returning to work for example might be a scary experience for you, but for everyone else, its just another day. This idea probably won’t work if you were a Norwood 7 and you now have a full head of hair, but for smaller scale hair loss sufferers this could be the best (and most obvious) solution.

You just decided to shave it off

If you are on the Norwood 2-5 spectrum with diffuse thinning and a receded hairline, the chances are you’ll be able to just tell people you got fed up with your hair, and decided to shave it all off. This will satisfy all but the most curious of people, and after the initial shock of “wow, you shaved your head”, people will go back to their own thoughts and troubles. This is also an ideal excuse if you previously wore a hair system or used concealers like Toppik or Nanofibres.

You’ve not had a hair transplant, but a clinic you’ve been to gave you some really great advice

This is a good one. Depending on how you deliver this excuse, the person asking should leave it at that. If they pursue the matter further, you can make up any story you like about some pills they suggested you take, or changes to your diet that seem to be working really well. You can quite easily give a feasible explanation without having to spill the beans.

You’ve taken part in a drug trial

You were paid to participate in a hair loss drug trial. You can’t remember exactly what they gave you, but its caused your hair to start growing back. You’re so used to being bald that you’re happy to just shave it off.

You’ve tried a new lotion or shampoo

Its amazing, really it is! A friend suggested this new shampoo/lotion, you’ve started using it and your hair is starting to grow back! You can hardly believe your good fortune. Just keep a brand name (such as Revivogen or Rogaine) in your head in case you are quizzed in more detail.

However you choose you explain your new found hair, it is important to remember that it is your hair and your life, and you do not owe anyone an explanation as it is ultimately none of their business. Trying to work out what to tell people is always a little daunting, but it is always less of a big deal than you think it will be.

We would recommend telling those closest to you like your partner and immediate family. Just be careful about telling children, as they’re not always the most subtle of secret-keepers! Tell any friends you are comfortable telling, and don’t stress about everyone else. They may express a little surprise at first, but don’t mistake this with being found out. It is a common reaction when the person just shaves their head for the first time, so any surprise is likely to be because they’ve never seen you with a shaved head, not because they think anything looks off.

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