The best clinic for SMP? Be careful who you believe

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Since HIS Hair Clinic created the scalp micropigmentation technique in 2002, inevitably a number of other companies have surfaced who now offer their own versions of our treatment. Many have fallen by the wayside over the years and some are still trading. To be fair it would be wrong to say that there aren’t good alternatives out there, but results tend to vary massively from one company to the next.

Ultimately it comes down to the ethics of the company in question. Before you commit to treatment by any practitioner, ask yourself if the company is in it for the long term, or if they’re simply there to make a fast buck.

Why does this matter? An ethical business looks after its customers first, and profits second. An ethical business invests heavily in training to ensure that it’s clients achieve the best, most realistic results, and an ethical business understands the importance of making things right if and when things go wrong.

HIS Hair Clinic trades heavily on its reputation. For this reputation to be maintained, the highest standards must be upheld at all times along with complete transparency about what can, and cannot be achieved. We demonstrate these values every day with every client in many different ways. Two of the most visible things we do is provide a forum to enable open and honest discussion between all our clients past and prospective, and we back every treatment with our comprehensive guarantee.

They say that the true measure of service is how things are handled when issues arise. The nature of scalp micropigmentation is such that there are many variables we encounter with each and every client. Every person holds or absorbs pigment in a different way, every preference is different and some present greater challenges than others, for example when a client has scars to conceal or wants to hide the symptoms of alopecia areata or other condition. Needless to say, each treatment is taken a step at a time and sometimes more steps are required to achieve the desired result. The point is that we always deliver the result, and we do so in as professional and compassionate a manner as possible.

Not all companies are the same. Without mentioning any names, there are practitioners out there who started trading by stealing others ideas, stealing equipment or other intellectual property, some have been guilty of deception and some have downright broken the law. With companies formed on these foundations is it any wonder that so many people do not receive the result they were hoping for? Every week we work with clients who have had substandard treatments from elsewhere, and in many cases the company they originally went to has refused to deal with the situation. You really do have to see it to believe it.

We accept and understand that not every client will choose HIS for their treatment. That’s the nature of competition and like I said, not all companies deliver shoddy treatments. It is wise however to go through a process of due diligence before handing over your credit card:

If you are promised a completed treatment in one session, walk away. We have more experience than anyone else, and trust us when we say it cannot be done.

If the company makes offers on discount sites like Groupon or LivingSocial, walk away. This is a life changing process, and there is no place for practitioners who have to use these sites to win your business.

If the company conducts their treatments in hotel rooms, walk away. In many parts of the world this is illegal and you have no protection if things go wrong.

If you are told you can keep your hair longer than a grade 1 clipper would cut, consider the advice very carefully. It is true that in certain circumstances this is possible, but it is not feasible for the vast majority of people and quite often the client is simply being told what they want to hear.

If your practitioner uses coloured pigments, walk away. Coloured pigments WILL change colour over time, just like a regular tattoo does, and you’ll most likely end up with a green or blue hue to your treatment.

If the company offers permanent makeup services of any description, walk away. These companies use the same pigments and techniques on your head as they do for eyebrows and other treatments, and the pigments are NOT suitable for SMP. Permanent makeup pigments spread and change colour over time, no matter what they may say to the contrary.

Finally, consider whether the company in question has the will and the ability to service your requirements over the long term. As you progress through your scalp micropigmentation journey you will need advice, support and guidance. Will they deliver that, or are you just another number on a spreadsheet?

Remember that SMP has the ability to change your life. If you feel uncomfortable losing your hair and your confidence is suffering as a result, this really could be the solution you’ve been looking for. We change lives every single day, and the evidence can clearly be seen by reading the diaries on our forum. If you choose to use another company for your treatment, just be careful what advice you listen to and use a bit of common sense. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t sign on the dotted line until it does.


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