How to accept baldness gracefully

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baldingIndependent journalist, Lee Williscroft-Ferris, has recently written about his experience with baldness. At age 16, he noticed his hairline had started to recede, yet it wasn’t until he was 32 that the hair loss became really noticeable.

Now, he embraces his baldness and he’s hoping he can inspire other men to do the same. In a candid article, he reveals how thanks to his partner, he never really let the premature baldness bother him. Below, we’ll look at how Lee managed to do this, despite it seeming to bother other people on his behalf.

Other people’s perceptions did make Lee doubt his own acceptance

While Lee does embrace his baldness, unsolicited remarks made by friends and family did start to make him question whether he should have been more bothered about the problem. People would sympathetically tell him what a shame it was as he used to have such nice hair. Or they’d ask whether he’d considered a hair transplant.

Society does still regard baldness as being something to be ashamed of, which is why so many men do find it difficult to deal with. However, Lee isn’t one of them but he does hope by speaking out he may make people think twice before making remarks.

So how did he embrace it? Well, along with his positive attitude, Lee also started to shave his hair off when it became really noticeable which gave him a degree of control back over the condition.

Options for those unable to embrace hair loss

If you’re struggling to accept your baldness, the good news is there are options out there. One thing Lee could have tried, and which does help many men regain their confidence after hair loss, is SMP.

Scalp MicroPigmentation produces a freshly shaven look which lasts for at least a year before it starts to fade. It requires absolutely zero maintenance, so compared to continually shaving the hair off, it’s definitely an easier option.

Overall, many men are starting to embrace their hair loss, but this approach isn’t ideal for everyone. If your baldness is getting you down, SMP can make a significant difference to your confidence. If you want to find out more please give us a call to arrange a free consultation on   0121 516 1767


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