Hatfishing to hide your bald spot?

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hatfishingChances are you’ve heard of the phrase ‘catfishing’ in which people adopt a fake persona online and communicate with others on social media to lure them into false relationships. ‘Hatfishing’ on the other hand is a new term being used to describe people who wear hats in their dating profile photos to hide the fact that they are bald.

A harmless tactic?

Although a relatively harmless tactic, many women still consider this to be a ridiculous form of deceit. It is understandable why balding men would choose to go down this route, after all first impressions especially on dating profiles matter a lot. Many people who are using dating apps are looking for someone who they feel attracted to at first glance – so if by hiding a bald patch you can increase your odds and land that first date, you can win them over with your personality and other attractive qualities, can’t you?

Despite the fact that hatfishing is a lie of omission, it actually makes you appear overly self-conscious and insecure which isn’t attractive at all. Everyone knows that confidence is attractive, so by owning up to and embracing what you’ve got, you end up looking so much better.

Other Hair Loss Solutions

If you’re still having difficulty in accepting your hair loss, you can always consider solutions such as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). SMP is a relatively low cost way of hiding a bald spot, making your existing hair appear thicker and denser. The procedure is also an excellent way to embrace baldness by shaving your head completely, yet still looking as if you have healthy natural hair follicles and stubble all over your head.

SMP works by depositing pigments onto the scalp so that they replicate hair follicles as on freshly shaved head. The procedure is customised to each client so that the hairline, pigment colour and density of pigments look completely natural.

If you are interested in SMP or want to learn more about which other hair loss solutions are suitable for you, then speak to a hair loss expert for more information.


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