Hair Transplant Surgeons Get Their Heads Around Scalp Micropigmentation

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There was a time when no self-respecting hair transplant surgeon would have even acknowledged Scalp Micropigmentation as a bona fide treatment for hair loss, times have definitely changed.


It is fair to say that when HIS Hair Clinic first presented their innovation to the world the reaction was one of sceptical optimism. It is still a good way to describe our feelings whenever we read anything under a headline “Hair Loss Cure Imminent”. As much as we might want them to be true, they invariably do not stand up to closer inspection.

You probably went through a couple of early false dawns as a hair loss sufferer. Having never read that type of article before you might have got caught up the first few times you read an authentic sounding report of a new scientific method returning bald people to full heads of hair – quickly you realise that what they all have in common is that these new cures are always in the early stages, years of research and millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars away from anything like a product.

Building Respect


It is fairly easy to imagine how a hair transplant surgeon might have reacted when they first heard about Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as SMP. Initial denial of the idea and it’s ability to help, followed by a little anger that it was eating from their table so to speak. In truth their reaction would have been in some small part due to the inadequacies of hair transplants at the time. Good work was extremely rare so many might have felt vulnerable at the threat presented by a truly authentic looking return to a full head of hair… one that left no scars and was, at least when compared to the glacial progress of a transplant, almost instant.

If Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners and hair transplant surgeons were wary of one another’s work ten or more years ago, the intervening decade has done much to heal the rift. Respect, grudging at first, has built up on both sides as developments in technique and equipment have seen both treatments evolve to their current state.

Proof If Proof Were Needed


We aren’t sure which surgeon was the first to break rank. We can be pretty sure that it was an SMP client that visited him and convinced him that SMP should be his own solution. Today there are several, including Dr. Bessam Farjo (pictured above with and without SMP), proprieter of the Farjo Hair Institute… a great example of a surgeon who has built his reputation on his ability to deliver excellent results, but one who ultimately decided that SMP was the right look for him. The recent advance taken by Ian Watson, co-inventor of Scalp Micropigmentation and co-founder of HIS Hair, to use a hair transplant to compliment his SMP and give a real 3D effect will only see the relationship between the two formerly implacable enemies develop even further.

HIS Hair Clinic


Ian Watson is rightly proud, having seen his creation roundly criticized for years by the few surgeons who would actually acknowledge it’s existence, his work is now recognized as having the potential to achieve profoundly positive outcomes for clients. Increasingly they are beginning to view Scalp Micropigmentation  as complimentary to their work and capable of great things, whether on its own or in conjunction with a transplant.

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