An instant cure for hair loss – can it be true?

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herbal oil for hair loss

herbal oil for hair lossHair loss is a perennial problem that has afflicted at least 50% of men through the ages. With a general lack of awareness of the treatments that can restore hair growth it’s hardly surprising that many people turn to home grown remedies to tackle the problem.

Snake oil or miracle cure?

In July Laura Levinson wrote about a homemade herbal oil which claimed to stop hair loss and thicken strands after just one use. The ingredients read more like a curry recipe than a hair treatment, containing curry leaves, fenugreek and onion amongst other things.

Laura checked out the recipe with Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group who was dismissive of the oil as a hair loss treatment, stating that “anything guaranteeing they can stop hair shedding or reverse hair thinning in 30 minutes is bogus”.

Talk to the professionals

It always makes sense to talk to a professional hair loss clinic about the types of treatment that are most appropriate for your condition and your personal requirements.

Available treatments have various results. Mesotherapy, combined with low level laser treatment can be successful in nourishing existing follicles as well as promoting new growth, although the treatment is ongoing and will only be successful as long as the course is repeated.

Alternatively, a patient could opt for a transplant. These are generally very successful and can provide a permanent solution, although this can never be guaranteed. It’s an expensive option that can take some time to achieve the required results but for those with deep enough pockets it could be the way forward.

Another treatment which is growing in popularity is scalp micropigmentation. Although this doesn’t actually restore hair it does create a highly realistic illusion of a full head of closely cropped hair over the course of 2-3 sessions. The procedure works equally well with a completely bald head as one that’s simply thinning on top. It’s permanent and hassle free too.

So, if you’re serious about tackling hair loss leave the chicken tikka masala ingredients in the cupboard and give your local hair lodd clinic a call.


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