Searching for hair transplant Harley Street?

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If you’re searching for “Hair Transplant Harley Street”, the chances are you’re probably researching a number of hair transplant surgeons, with a view to possibly undergoing a hair transplant procedure. However, please bear in mind that with the development of MHT®, such drastic measures may not be necessary.

For a hair transplant Harley Street certainly has a lot to offer. Widely regarded as a centre of private medical excellence, Harley Street is home to some of the worlds most respected hair transplant surgeons. There is, however, a viable alternative that you may not have considered.

HIS Hair Clinics were established in 2002, and operate many clinics around the world, including a location at 100 Harley Street in London. Other locations include our Birmingham and Manchester clinics, plus our overseas clinics in the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden and Hong Kong.

HIS offer highly specialised MHT® scalp pigmentation treatments for hair loss, one of the fastest growing and most talked about hair loss treatments in the world.

For more information about MHT®, please see our Gallery, our Video Library and feel free to discuss MHT® with existing clients in our Hair Loss Forum.

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