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If you are searching for “Hair Transplant Birmingham”, then you’re probably considering a hair transplant procedure in the Birmingham area. There are other ways to tackle your hair loss that may be more suitable for you than hair transplant surgery that you may not have considered.

If you’re looking for a hair transplant Birmingham in the West Midlands (UK) offers a variety of respected hair transplant surgeons to choose from, some better known than others. Believe it or not however, other viable and highly effective options exist that do not require surgery, hair systems, pills or potions.

HIS Hair Clinics have been established since 2002, and operate a clinic in Harborne, Birmingham. In addition, another facility will shortly be made available in Adee Phelans salon at The Cube in Birmingham City Centre. In addition to our Birmingham locations, we also operate clinics on Harley Street in London, and Oxford Place in Manchester. Other clinic locations also exist in other countries around the world.

HIS offer highly specialised MHT® scalp pigmentation treatments for hair loss, one of the fastest growing and most talked about hair loss treatments in the world.

Although Birmingham is a great place to be if you are looking for a hair transplant surgeon, the techniques themselves, primarily based around FUE (follicular unit extraction), still suffer from a number of drawbacks, primarily:

  • Hair transplant procedures usually leave significant scarring to the scalp
  • A hair transplant does not allow for additional recession of hair. This could mean further surgery will be needed later on in life

For more information about MHT®, please see our Gallery, our Video Library and feel free to discuss MHT® with existing clients in our Hair Loss Forum.

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