Don’t hide away from hair loss

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hiding from hair loss

hiding from hair lossHair loss is something that is usually beyond our control which often leaves most of feeling stressed out and self-conscious. However you should remember that there are plenty of hair loss solutions available which don’t rely on daily medications or expensive surgical solutions such as hair transplants.

Wigs and hair pieces

Natural hair systems which are made entirely of human hair can restore your hair back to its natural glory and give your confidence a huge boost. They look completely genuine and many people claim that its as if they are back to their old normal head of hair.

Some wigs allow you to wear them continuously for up to thirteen weeks (which is equivalent to three months), to sleep in, shower and swim in and exercise in. regardless of how physically demanding your lifestyle is, some wigs allow your hair to remain absolutely secure and undetectable.

Many companies custom make wigs for their clients, the designs suit the client’s natural hair colour or colours which complement their skin tone. Anyone can benefit, such as patients of alopecia or those undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Skilled craftsmen and stylist create these custom wigs so that they resemble the clients natural hairline and maintain a natural image.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) 

Another increasingly popular hair loss solution around the globe is SMP.  A relatively quick, pain-free technique it works by depositing pigments on the scalp to imitate natural hair follicles as they would appear on a freshly shaven head.

The procedure generates results which are just as natural and realistic as wigs, however results are permanent, require no maintenance and it’s a much more cost-effective solution to hair loss. Technicians can create natural looking hair lines and make existing hair appear more dense by adding pigmentation. SMP can even be done on the sideburns and facial hair, using customised pigments which match your natural hair colour. Find out more about Scalp MicroPigmentation Birmingham.


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