Justin Thomas laughs off balding jibe

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Justin Thomas

Justin ThomasJustin Thomas, American professional golfer received a comically cruel note pointing out his hair loss at the Northern Trust Open. Although he has been recorded joking about his hair loss for a while now on his social media accounts not everyone finds such jokes easy to laugh off, as hair loss can have highly damaging psychological effects on some people.

How can hair loss affect us psychologically

Hair is often perceived as a part of our beauty, identity and for some people hair can play a role in overall self-confidence. Many people who experience progressive hair loss finally come to accept the circumstances, however for others it can lead to psychological and emotional issues resulting in depression and anxiety. It is important to understand that such reactions are completely legitimate and ought to be addressed instead of being ignored.

One of the psychological and emotional effects people associate with loss of hair includes a loss of confidence in appearance; losing hair can create a drastic difference in the way people look. The loss of or a receding hairline end up causing people to look more aged, this change can affect how people see themselves and contribute to a loss of confidence.

Women are much more likely to have difficulty in adjusting to hair loss. A study from 1992 showed that women were more likely than men to suffer emotionally and mentally along with developing a negative body image as a result of hair loss. Some polls also found that seventy five percent of men reported feeling less confident since they started losing their hair, and sixty percent of men claim to have been ridiculed for their baldness at some point. Sixty three percent of women even claimed that they had career-related problems due to their hair loss.

This loss in self-esteem is much more likely to affect younger people who suffer from early hair loss. Many claim to feel less attractive to their partners and as if the hair loss signifies a loss of youth and desirability.

How to deal with hair loss

It is important to remember that although hair loss can be distressing, many causes of it can be treated. There are hair loss medications available for men and topical treatments for women. Cosmetic options are available for everyone along with permanent surgical solutions.  Scalp Micropigmentation is one of the increasingly popular treatments where organic pigments are used to create a highly realistic illusion of real hair. For more information on dealing with hair loss, or any psychological disturbances hair loss has caused you, consult with your doctor or a hair loss expert.  They’ll be able to advise you on the best next steps and potential treatments appropriate for your condition.


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