Change your diet to prevent hair loss

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diet for healthy hair

diet for healthy hairThere’s a lot of reasons hair loss can occur and a poor diet can be one of them. As we get most of the vitamins and nutrients our body needs from our daily diet, it’s understandable not eating the right foods could contribute to a number of health issues – including hair loss.

Here, you’ll discover how a change to your diet could help if you’ve been experiencing excessive shedding.

Which foods should you focus on?

Hair loss associated with a poor diet can be slowed down or stopped completely if the right dietary changes are made. While a general balanced and healthy diet can help, there are certain foods which are better to combat hair loss than others.

Spinach is one of the best healthy hair foods you’ll want to add to your diet. It’s especially effective at helping to promote healthy hair growth. This is thanks to its high iron, protein and Vitamins A and C. Iron deficiency in particular, has been linked to hair loss so the fact spinach contains a lot of it can help if you’ve been diagnosed with an iron deficiency.

Dairy foods and eggs are also great for promoting hair growth. They also contain iron, along with high levels of protein, zinc and Vitamin B12. They’re also packed with biotin, or Vitamin B7, which is known to combat hair loss.

Other great foods known for their hair growth abilities include carrots, seeds and chicken. If you increase the amount of these foods in your diet, while also limiting processed foods, it can help you to achieve healthy, thick hair. However, while diet can certainly help you to maintain healthy looking hair, unfortunately in the majority of cases it isn’t enough to combat hair loss.

Why you should visit a hair specialist

It’s perfectly normal to shed around 100 hairs each day. However, if you notice you’re shedding a lot more than usual, it’s worth seeking advice from a hair specialist.

This is because there’s actually a staggering number of reasons hair loss can occur and it’s unusual down to a poor diet alone. This means you’ll likely need other treatments such as Minoxidil, SMP or a hair transplant to resolve the issue. You may also be experiencing an underlying health condition which requires medication.

So, if you’re experiencing hair loss, don’t just alter your diet and hope for the best. Seek advice from a specialist and determine what the actual cause is before you undergo any form of treatment.


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