Are hair products causing your hair loss?

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Are hair products causing your hair loss?

Are hair products causing your hair loss?You could split hair products into two main categories: those that are designed to work with your hair and improve its general condition and then those that are designed to create a certain look. It’s with the latter that you need to take a long hard look at the label and think do I really want to put this on my hair for a temporary style.

Recently, 24 year old builder Lee Hardy went to the press about a hair wax which actually burnt his scalp, leaving him with scars and bald patches.

Disaster from a bad choice

It seems that making a bad choice about hair products could have a disastrous effect. Generally speaking, try to avoid products with alcohol in them as they dry the hair out, leaving it in a much weakened state and less resistant to brushing etc.

Dyeing can also damage your hair permanently so if you just have to get rid of the grey then don’t go DIY. Make sure you go to a professional salon, talk to them about the risk and only then go ahead if you feel comfortable.

Over styling can be as bad as a poor product choice

Just your styling regime could be the problem. Hair is easily damaged by heat, so a blow dry and a vigorous brushing session can easily pull out more than the 50-100 hairs that are lost normally every day.

One way of eliminating the need for hair products entirely, particularly if you’re already losing your hair is Scalp Micropigmentation. This revolutionary treatment creates the look of real hair using organic pigments. Over 2-3 visits a trained professional will create a layered look that is indistinguishable from the real thing. The results can be stunning and the best part about it is that it’s permanent and maintenance free.

So, once Lee’s finished his argument with the wax manufacturer and hopefully received some compensation he may just want to in contact with his local SMP clinic.


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