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We wrote recently about the need for us to police the web in order to monitor the behaviour of competitors – be on the lookout for stolen images of our work being used, or lies being propogated about HIS Hair in an effort to undermine our dominant and hard earned reputation. Last time we were discussing the behaviour of Brandwood Clinic, a single clinic brand desperately trying to drum up business by any means necessary. Today we are addressing the behaviour of far larger, more aggressive brands – The case in point being Vinci Hair Clinic.


Vinci Hair Clinic

vinci hair

If you have done any internet research on hair loss, and the fact that you are reading this suggests you have, you will almost certainly have come across some Vinci advertising – they spend heavily. No doubt this puts an enormous commercial pressure on their clinic managers to get customers in the door, which in turn rears it’s head as the sort of despicable behaviour we learned about today – telling lies in an effort to turn a client away from our services.

We have had a couple of previous instances where clients of ours, who had previously been through the consultation process at Vinci clinics, had been told that HIS Hair Clinic were bankrupt – they were smart enough to do their own due diligence and realise it was a lie before booking with us anyway… and sharing their experience of Vinci.

The Lie

Today we learn that not only are they communicating this lie verbally at consultation, as a last resort when someone has been through their consultation process but has decided against going ahead with them, they will also put it in writing as per the mail below. We have left out the name of our client for confidentiality reasons:

vinci message

The Truth

This lie started last year. It happened when HIS Hair Clinic restructured, going from a very simple company structure to one that reflected it’s status as a global business operating on 3 continents. That was all. It did of course necessitate the dissolving of that original company – a published fact picked up on by one of our nefarious competitors and spun into a scare story that several others then also promoted.

We were forced to publish a detailed explanation of a very simple piece of business process. You can read that open letter for yourself by clicking here. But this was fully 5 months ago, for Vinci to still be telling the lie, when clearly reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated given we are all still here, is a disgraceful slander when they say it in consultation and a libel when they send it in writing. Nothing less.

We challenge them to clean up their act by taking a close look at their processes, in particular how too challenging targets might be affecting their judgement. SMP is a relatively new service for them, they need the patience to build up clientele through word of mouth and positive feedback – Like HIS Hair did.

HIS Hair Clinics

Taz after his SMP treatment

The inventors of SMP and consistent thought leaders in it’s subsequent evolution, HIS Hair have built their pristine reputation on the quality of their service for over a decade, always underpinned by a focus on the client, a guarantee of the outcome and an unswerving ethical and honest approach to everything we do. We realise this is why we will always be the targets for this type of abuse, we will never get tired of standing up for ourselves.


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