Brandwood Clinic – Dirty Tactics & Marketing Lies

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Yet another would-be comptetitor resorting to dirty tactics and lies in an attempt to lure clients away from HIS Hair. Astonishing claims and omissions this time, normally it is one or the other – We take a look at what makes Brandwood Clinic’s offence stand out.


There is no such thing as a quiet morning at HIS Hair HQ, to say we surf the web as a leisure activity would be miles from the truth. The fact is we have to spend significant time policing the websites of competitors – it is a sad truth that we regularly find pictures of our clients presented as their work, or our good name somehow besmirched. Usually it is done by people we don’t know, or people we only know by reputation since they arrived as competitors.

To some extent, because we invented the treatment, everyone could be described as copycat. Their challenge, especially where they compete with us locally to one of our clinics, is to convince would-be clients to choose them over us – Our experience tells us that clients choose us for a number of reasons: Our longevity in the business; the pristine reputation of the owners; the quantity and quality of the testimony on our forum and on our galleries; the certainty that our guarantee provides of a positive final outcome. It is a big step for anyone to take, when it comes down to it people choose HIS for the same sort of reasons they might buy a Range Rover as a busy family car, you know it is going to get the job done.

It is unfortunate then that we regularly find ourselves the victims of image theft, which can take a frustrating length of time to resolve. More frustrating though is when we are the victims of slander and libel, linking us to images of shoddy work is a regular event but the lies have been far more exotic on occasion.

Brandwood Clinic – Some Facts

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In this, the latest example, we were policing the site of some former employees of HIS, people we trained and who we called friends. Brandwood Clinic’s Paul Clarke, Simon Lane and Marcus Richmond all learned their craft with HIS before attempting like several before, to break out on their own… almost all failing at the first hurdle of getting enough customers through their doors to survive – having severely underestimated the level of trust required by a client and the reluctance to go with a new clinic. They were being monitored having previously used our copyrighted images and trademarks – but it is this attempt to suggest HIS were responsible for the “bad treatment” that really caught us by surprise with it’s level of deceit.

The Offending Article


The Truth

HIS Hair Clinic trained Paul Clarke, Simon Lane and Marcus Richmond. The gentleman pictured is Marcus. Marcus was a client of HIS Hair who arrived with his own hairline drawn on back in 2009 and who wanted a “Jamie Foxx” style look. He was very happy with shape and density. Like some before him Marcus was a client who became an evangelist for the treatment, such that HIS took him on as a trainee practitioner back in 2012. It is fair to say that Marcus’ treatment faded from fashion and would be clients had begun to express their preference for softer, broken hairlines. This eventually drove Marcus to receive laser treatment and revision work to soften his own hairline, this happened at the HIS Hair Clinic in London and was carried out by Katrina… at this time Paul and Simon, now of Brandwood Clinic, were still with HIS Hair and working at our Birmingham clinic.

The article was produced during a brief period when Marcus accidentally left HIS to work for Brandwood. He returned within a short time citing that he was not prepared to be involved in misleading and dishonest marketing campaigns… but also that he recognised HIS as the more professional and ethical organisation, delivering superior SMP’s.




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