Three of the latest all-natural hair loss solutions

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natural hair loss solutions

natural hair loss solutionsThe hair loss industry is a potential minefield for anyone looking for the first time to address a balding problem. Perhaps not surprisingly many people will turn to the internet to look for a magic solution and the quantity of search results can be overwhelming.

Many web pages and forums discuss the relative merits of natural solutions. Whilst some of these are no better than old wives’ tales some of them do actually have a grounding in science and may have benefits, at least in terms of slowing or stalling hair loss.

Pumpkin seed oil, for example contains copper, zinc, phosporous and magnesium as well as blocking the enzyme which turns testosterone into DHT which causes male pattern baldness. In a trial, forty-four percent of participants who took pumpkin seed oil for 24 weeks experienced “moderately improved” hair growth.

Make sure to eat plenty of protein

Another piece of simple natural advice that may be more than just myth is to make sure you get your daily intake of protein. Whilst this won’t help hair regrow it could prevent hair loss as edible protein is needed for the body to produce another protein, keratin which is one of the main components of hair.

Omega 3 fatty acids also come highly recommended as a way of nourishing the scalp and reducing hair loss.

It pays to talk to the professionals

Whilst all these solutions may have positive effects on the scalp and also help to slow down the process of hair loss (dependent on the condition) none of the are likely to deal with the root cause or actually reverse the problem.

For more effective treatment it would be very advisable to speak to a professional hair loss clinic like HIS Hair. Our hair loss experts have a thorough knowledge of all the available solutions and can advise on the one that best fits your personal needs, from scalp micropigmentation to a transplant.


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