Terry Jenkins gets to the point about his hair loss

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terry jenkins

terry jenkinsDarts fans were shocked at the 2018 qualifiers, when former star Terry Jenkins returned as a PDPA Associate Member. Sporting a new, totally bald look, it didn’t take long for fans to start questioning what had led to his sudden hair loss. To clear up the confusion, Jenkins revealed his new bald locks were a result of a car accident the star suffered a year ago.

The trauma from the accident led Jenkins to develop Telogen Effluvium, a temporary for of hair loss often brought on by stress. Here, you’ll discover more about this form of hair loss and the treatments available to solve it.

What is Telogen Effluvium?

Telogen Effluvium is a temporary form of hair loss triggered by sudden or long-term chronic stress. The body’s reaction to the stress causes the hair to shed and the hair’s follicles to stop growing. This causes more of the hairs to enter the resting phase where they will eventually fall out altogether, usually within three months.

The condition doesn’t always result in total baldness, but it can in severe cases. The good news is, once the stress has gone, the hairs cycle will usually return to normal and the hair will begin to grow back.

Is it treatable?

Obviously, any amount of hair shedding can be distressing even if it is only temporary. The good news is, there are treatments available which can help encourage the hair to grow back.

Minoxidil is a great temporary hair loss treatment. It’s a topical solution which needs to be applied directly onto the scalp. Alternatively, there’s also a hair loss drug known as Finasteride which can prove extremely helpful in mild to moderate hair loss cases.

For those who do go completely or almost completely bald, there’s also SMP which could be used to cover up the problem until the hair does grow back. To find out which treatment is best suited to you, it’s important to seek advice from a  a hair loss specialist.


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