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gender hair lossAt one time, hair loss was largely associated with middle aged men. It was considered an unavoidable age-related issue which men had to suck up and deal with. However, these days the problem is known to affect a large number of both men and women.

A new survey has highlighted while both men and women do suffer with hair loss, both sexes handle it in a totally different way. Here, we’ll look at the results of this survey and the lengths men and women are prepared to go to in order to resolve their hair loss worries.

What did the survey find?

The survey, carried out by Plus 94 Research, analysed results from 600 men aged 20-65 and 505 women over the age of 30. It discovered that almost 40% of men surveyed were already showing signs of hair loss. Meanwhile, over a third of the women surveyed also experienced hair loss.

It revealed that single and divorced men were likely to spend more on their hair loss worries than married men. A third of the men aged between 36 and 55 also stated hair loss would have a negative impact on their social life. A quarter of those surveyed also feel losing their hair would affect their attractiveness.

As for the women surveyed, 69% feel their hair plays a major role in their self-image, with a third believing that hair loss would affect the way their partner sees them. Surprisingly, half of the women surveyed said they would happily sacrifice a new wardrobe to solve their hair loss concerns.

What really stood out however, was the amount of money both genders are willing to spend on hair loss solutions. Women were discovered to be willing to spend more than twice of what men were willing to spend for a solution. The survey was carried out on South African men and women, but definitely resonate Worldwide.

Treatment options available for male and female hair loss

It’s clear hair loss has a significant impact on the psychological wellbeing of both men and women. While both struggle to deal with the problem, there is help available.

There are effective treatments available to both men and women these days, so there’s no need for anyone to suffer in silence. If you’re concerned about hair loss or hair thinning then don’t hesitate to contact us to talk to one of our team of friendly experts for free and in confidence.



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