Nigella seed oil for hair loss

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nigella seed oil for hair loss

nigella seed oil for hair lossHair loss has become an increasingly common concern for both men and women. Regardless of what age you start to notice changes in the hair, it can have a devastating impact on your self-confidence. There are a lot of products out there all claiming to help, but one that’s fast gaining popularity is nigella seed oil for hair loss.

What is nigella seed oil for hair loss?

More commonly referred to as black seed, nigella sativa has been used in Indian medicine for decades. It’s been dubbed the “magical seed”, claiming to contain over 100 different medical components. Its best-known benefit is said to be its ability to fight hair loss.

This isn’t the first natural product to be recommended for the treatment of hair loss. However, it is one of the only ones to have been backed up by clinical research. There is actually more than 600 different studies published relating to the benefits of nigella seed for hair loss. As well as hair loss, it is thought to act as an antibacterial, pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

It is thought to be its anti-inflammatory benefits that help with hair loss. It is typically used to massage the scalp and studies have been promising. However, while the oil may be good at counteracting some forms of hair loss, it will not be effective at treating others.

Why diagnosis is important

Before trying out nigella seed oil for hair loss, or any other natural treatment, it’s important to visit your GP to receive a proper diagnosis. Hair loss is caused by numerous things and it could be yours is a sign of a more serious, underlying condition.

There is no one cure fits all in terms of hair loss. The majority of patients require topical treatments such as Minoxidil, or more permanent solutions such as SMP and hair transplants. So, the number of people who would benefit from a treatment such as nigella seed oil for hair loss is actually very limited.


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