Love Island contestant opts for transplant

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love island

love islandPopular Love Island contestant, Alex Beattie, has become the latest star to opt to undergo a hair transplant. The 22-year old has recently revealed his decision to have a hair transplant was down to bullying. He hoped the procedure would help him regain his confidence and give him back his full set of hair.

Childhood bullying over Beattie’s big forehead left lasting scars

Beattie claims he has been bullied throughout his life due to being skinny and having a big forehead. The star soon took control over his physique after hitting the gym. However, it wasn’t so easy to cover up his large forehead, which is why he opted for a hair transplant.

The majority of men who undergo a hair transplant, do so to combat hair loss. However, Beattie assured his fans that hair loss has never been an issue for him. Instead, he struggled to hide his big forehead.

Could a hair transplant be the right option for you?

Beattie’s story highlights the benefits hair transplants can deliver. While they are largely used to treat hair loss, they can also be a great choice for those conscious about the size of their forehead.

In fact, those looking to cover up a big forehead are much better candidates than many men suffering with hair loss. This is because in order for a hair transplant to work, the patient needs to have a good amount of donor hair available on the scalp. Those suffering with hair loss may not have enough suitable donor hairs.

However, that isn’t to say a hair transplant is the best option. There’s another procedure known as SMP, which could be a better alternative. The procedure leaves behind a shaven look, using tiny ink pigments which look like real hair follicles when they’re inserted into the scalp. It’s cheaper than a hair transplant and much less invasive.

So, those looking to combat a large forehead, or cover up hair loss, may want to compare SMP and hair transplants to see which would best fit their needs.


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