Matt Lucas Meets His Hair Loss Hero

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matt lucas hair loss

matt lucas hair lossMatt Lucas may be one of the best-loved stars in the UK, but in a recent interview on The One Show, he opened up about his devastating struggle with premature baldness. On the show, Lucas talked about his experience of losing his hair at just six years of age. He also got to meet his hair loss hero, who helped him come to terms with the condition.

How hair loss forced Lucas to develop a character

The One Show interview was both touching and hilarious as Lucas went on to explain his hair loss experience. The star developed alopecia at six years old and claims he was bullied because he looked different. In an attempt to get through the difficult period, he developed the character we have all come to know and love.

During a tough time, the star revealed he reached out to Duncan Goodhew, an Olympic swimmer who also suffered with premature hair loss. Goodhew responded with a handwritten letter and badges, with one stating “Bald is Beautiful”. Lucas revealed he was touched and inspired by the reply, making Goodhew his hair loss hero.

The most touching part of the interview came when Goodhew surprised Lucas in person. The pair had never met prior to the interview and Lucas described it as being a wonderful moment for him. Goodhew presented Lucas with an additional badge to place into his collection.

His touching story helps to spread awareness of the challenges premature balding can bring and the success that can come out of embracing it.

Are there treatments for premature baldness?

There currently isn’t a cure for premature baldness, though there are treatments which can help slow down the progression, depending upon what type of baldness you are experiencing.

There are also cover-up treatments such as SMP which can provide those who cannot accept the condition with additional confidence and self-esteem. However, as Lucas shows, embracing the condition and having a hair loss hero can make a massive difference to quality of life.  If you want to find out more about how SMP can help change your life please give us a call on complete the form to the right to book a free cofidential consultation with our team here at His Hair Clinic 0121 516 1767


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