Is this what hair loss sufferers have been waiting for?

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wig makingNew treatments are constantly being introduced onto the market to treat the various forms of hair loss. However, the most recent is definitely one of the most impressive – A 3D printed scalp and hair prosthetic.

Created at the innovative, technologically advanced Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CRLab) situated in Bologna, Italy, it has already been trialled by a patient. Unveiled at the International Alopecia Conference, this revolutionary new treatment has gained a lot of attention and provided hope to those who suffer with this confidence-wrecking condition.

How does it work?

To create a realistic, perfect match, first the patient’s skull is scanned before a cast is created. One of the best things about this treatment is that the patient doesn’t need to even attend the laboratory in Italy. Instead, the measurements and scans can be electronically sent to the lab.

A model scalp is then 3D printed, using the measurements taken. It is compared to the cast that was taken of the patient’s scalp to confirm they match. After confirmation, a skin-toned pigment and polymeric base are mixed together before being painted onto the model scalp.

Once dry, various expert technicians spend time threading the individual hairs through the prosthetic in order to achieve a realistic head of hair.

A great solution for those with permanent hair loss

The prosthetic scalp brings hope to those who suffer from severe, permanent hair loss. Unlike hair transplants for example, there’s no chance the treatment could fail. Instead it produces instant results.

The hope is that it will help build confidence in those who cannot grow their own hair any more, whether it be because of an injury or chemotherapy.

Of course, as it’s a new treatment, it’s unlikely it’s going to be a mainstream treatment option anytime soon. So what options do you have in the meantime?

Well, going to visit your doctor or a dermatologist is an excellent start. Finding out the cause of your hair loss is vital before you try to treat it. The doctor may recommend medications, or if your hair loss is quite severe, SMP or a hair transplant may be advised.


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