Is 3D Printing Improving Hair Systems

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 Since its origins in the early 1980’s in Japan the excitement around 3D printing has been growing. Now its ever increasing reach has expanded into the world of hair loss with an Italian firm offering the world’s first bespoke 3D hair systems. We take a closer look.

Historical Hair Solution

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The oldest detailed records of wigs in the history books are about their use by the ancient Egyptians. With hair so difficult to maintain in the hot desert environment everbody shaved their heads, wigs were worn that reflected the wearers status.  This saw the wealthy, much like today, wearing wigs made from real human hair – although other materials were also popular, as long as they reflected the status of the wearer.. up to and including wigs made of silver. As you moved down through the social classes wigs would be made from ever cheaper and more unsuitable materials – Anyone fancy a hair system made from the fibres of palm leaves?

A Modern Approach

3d wig

But if wigs have been with us for a very long time it is only relatively recently that significant strides in hair system technology have been taken. New materials, easier access to high quality human hair, better equipment enabling ever higher standards of detailed work… little wonder the reputation of hair systems has risen so far in such a short space of time. They have, in just a couple of decades, moved on from being mostly obvious, ill-fitting, miscoloured rugs that were seriously uncomfortable for the wearer.

Despite all these advances an Italian firm, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, have come to market with a new take on how to manufacture the mesh that all hair systems are based on, that part of the system which is glued to the client’s scalp and which has the hair sewn into it.

How Do They Do It?


The first step is to take a mold of the clients head, onto which the areas of hair loss are carefully mapped. Then, using 3D printing technology (also known as Additive Manufacturing), a perfectly fitting 3D model which is a micro thin breathable bio-polymer that has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Technicians then sew in perfectly matched hair, paying attention to replicating the natural direction of growth.

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