New laser treatment for hair loss launched

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laser hair loss treatment

laser hair loss treatmentFinding effective treatments for the many types of hair loss complaints has been a challenge for scientists and trichologists for many years. The world of science and technology has been working hard in this arena to try and develop pioneering treatments that can help treat or cure these conditions, and restore confidence to sufferers.

One of the more modern innovations aimed at tackling hair loss was the laser cap, a product aimed specifically at tackling those suffering from the genetic condition androgenetic alopecia. This laser cap is a soft, wearable cap, containing over two hundred laser diodes. When the cap is worn, lasers sent out low level energy which stimulate hair follicles. If the treatment is successful, it can help stimulate hair growth.

Warming to the idea

Whilst lasers were traditionally used to remove unwanted hair, the medical community is really starting to realise the potential in low level laser therapy (“LLLT”) as a viable treatment for certain hair loss conditions. It is now believed that this type of ‘phototherapy’ can help stimulate hair follicles at the cellular level, which is something other forms of hair loss treatments have struggled to achieve. An additional benefit is the use of such low intensity lasers means that patients experience no discomfort throughout the treatment.

Latest in laser technology

With lasers in mind, technology company Pininfarina has created an innovative new product called the Laserband 82, which takes the principle of stimulating hair growth with laser beams, and gives it a helping hand along the way. The new Laserband 82 is hairband with comb-like teeth, which divide the hair and give the lasers a better opportunity to reach the hair follicles successfully.

Pininfarina claims the treatment is simple and easy to administer too, with the recommended treatment being just one and a half minutes, three times per week. Depending on how widespread of advanced your hair loss is, the recommended duration of this treatment is up to six months, so it is important to set realistic expectations about how quickly this treatment could help you see visible results.

As with many of the current hair loss treatments available on the market, your surgeon will be able to recommend the best approach and optimum mix of treatments to suit your individual needs. Many hair loss treatments benefit from being supplemented with other tools and techniques, such as clinically proven creams or supplements to make the environment as suitable as possible for hair growth or re-growth.


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