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eat for healthy hair

eat for healthy hairDid you know that your diet could be to blame for your hair loss? Dry, thinning and brittle hair can easily be caused by an unbalanced and innutritious diet which is missing important vitamins and minerals. Although there is no one food which can improve hair growth immediately, the following foods may be able to help make your hair thicker and stronger;





Foods which strengthen hair



  • Carrots – rich in vitamin A, carrots can improve sebum production which leads to faster hair growth and resolves any vitamin A deficiency related hair loss
  • Bananas – the high levels of potassium in bananas can resolve potassium deficiency related hair loss, as well as remove any build-up of sodium around the hair follicles which allows them to actively absorb the nutrients needed to remain healthy
  • Eggs – rich in vitamin B12 and B5, these vitamins build thickness in hair over time
  • Salmon – full of selenium, fish oils and proteins which can promote stronger, healthier hair

Other Causes Of Hair Loss

Whilst diet is important, do remember that there are numerous other factors which can cause hair loss regardless of what you eat, such as;

  • Hormonal changes – temporary disturbance in hormone balance or a shift in hormone levels, either due to conditions such as pregnancy or medical illnesses such as thyroid disorders, can cause hair to weaken, thin and fall out. Once hormone levels return to normal, the hair cycle should also resume
  • Infections – scalp infections such ringworm can affect the skin on the scalp and lead to scaly patches and hair fall. Although once any infections are treated, hair growth should resume as normal
  • Skin disorders – diseases which can cause scarring can result in permanent hair loss at the site of the hair loss

There are multiple other possible causes of hair loss, if you are worried or would like to learn more, speak to your doctor or a hair loss expert for more information.  Delaying by trying to deal with the situation purely through a dietary change could delay treatment for an irreversible condition.


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