Aclaris Makes It’s Latest Move With Hair Loss Acquisition

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Aclaris Therapeutics are an American pharmaceutical firm with a focus on novel treatments for dermatological problems. Their latest move in the stock market has been to acquire another American pharmaceutical outfit, Vixen… the deal gives Aclaris access to the experimental hair loss treatment being developed there. Worth a closer look we think.


Aclaris Therapeutics


Aclaris came to our attention last year when their wholly owned subsidiary, Aclaris Therapeutics International Ltd (ATIL), cut a deal with JAKPharm and Key Organics for exclusively licensed worldwide rights to “covalently binding, highly selective JAK3 inhibitor compounds and related intellectual property for the treatment of hair loss and other dermatological conditions.”

The latest acquisition further strengthens their position in the JAK inhibitor space placing them at the forefront of developments in this most interesting of research into alopecia areata and other dermatological conditions, evidencing their commitment to developing commercial hair loss treatments. As their boss, Neal Walker, President and Chief Executive Officer, puts it “With this expansion of our pipeline, we continue to pursue our core strategy of developing and commercializing self-pay aesthetic and medical dermatology products for which there is a significant unmet need.” Put another way, they are very serious about bringing hair loss products to market.

What Are JAK Inhibitors

The development in our understanding of how JAK inhibitors function reflects the advances made in bio-science – as can be seen by this diagram describing, apparently, how the inhibiting mechanism might work. It turns out they do their work by interfering the operation of a family of enzymes called Janus Kinase.

Treatments based on JAK Inhibitors have already been approved for a couple of uses, namely rheumatoid arthritus and psoriasis. More trials are underway to prove it’s efficacy in a range of other ailments… some of them miserable and common, notably Crohn’s disease.

A relationship was discovered at Columbia University by a team of researchers led by Dr. Angela M. Christiano.  They produced a paper for Nature Medicine in which they described a link between JAK inhibitors and hair loss, followed by the discovery of a role in triggering the normal hair growth phase.

The Future Is Coming

future is coming


It sounds like one of those comedy placards you occasionally see at rallies. But we view this aggression in the market as a clear sign that things are beginning to happen quite fast in the world of hair loss. JAK inhibitors are an exciting prospect but only one of many avenues currently being pursued in university and commercial labs around the world. So after all the false dawns maybe the future is coming, maybe we will see some significant advances as soon as the next couple of years. In the meantime…

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