How much does a hair transplant cost?

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piggy bank

piggy bankThe decision to go ahead with what, for some, may be a considerably expensive aesthetic treatment is perhaps more a question of prioritisation. For example, is the image you present of yourself for public perception more valuable to you than pennies in the bank, a new sofa, a major car repair?

An expensive decision

Not everyone can readily lay out a substantial sum of money for a hair transplant without first weighing up the costs and benefits of the procedure. In deciding to undergo the procedure, there is then the dilemma of whether to have the more expensive FUE, or to make do with a quicker and cheaper strip harvest procedure.

Beyond that, there is even the apparently cost-effective option of taking a treatment holiday, and having the procedure done abroad. The risks of a low cost procedure should be should be measured against the potential need for repeat follow-up treatment to correct poor quality work and the costs that may incur.

Why do the fees differ so much?

Generally, a hair transplant can cost anything between £2000 and £7000, depending on the type of treatment you choose, where you go for your treatment, and the extent of your baldness.

A Follicular Unit Extraction is the most advanced technique for transplanting hair. It is a process by which hair follicles are removed from the donor site individually and it is painstaking and precise work for the surgeon.

Positioning of the follicles on the scalp requires a degree of craftsmanship and skill in the surgeon, to achieve the most effective and natural final appearance.Needless to say, this is the most expensive option, but considered by many as money well spent.

Strip harvesting is a quicker, easier procedure, which can leave scarring in the donor area that may be difficult to conceal, and the number of follicles that are harvested per strip may not be sufficient to achieve the best final appearance.

Costs are also dependent on the extent of your baldness. If your hairline is only beginning to recede you might only require 500-800 follicles to be transplanted, while hair loss that has affected the crown and requires the extraction of up to 1500 follicles will cost between £2000 and £7500.

In the case of someone with extensive male pattern baldness, requiring as many as 7500 follicles to be transplanted, costs may reach more than £30000.


Due to the high costs of a hair transplant, coupled with the impact of baldness on quality of life, confidence, and emotional well-being, discussion with specialists at a clinic about your particular condition and needs are vital to ensure that the decision is right for you. You will also receive an accurate quote based on a thorough examination and you will gain a better understanding of the procedure.


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