Does coconut oil really stop you from going bald?

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Natural remedies have long been in use to treat hair loss. There have been different versions used throughout varying cultures. The French, Italians and neighboring Mediterranean countries have upheld the benefits of using rosemary oil for many years. The native North Americans and Mayans have attested to the wonders of saw palmetto berries in encouraging hair growth. Tropical countries especially those in Southeast Asia having coastlines where coconut trees grow in abundance swear by the numerous health advantages and uses of coconut oil.
Moisturising the hair strands is perhaps one of the chief benefits of coconut oil. It helps make it softer and less brittle. Direct application to the hair strands lock moisture in for an extended period of time because coconut oil does not evaporate easily. This makes hair pliable and less susceptible to breakage. It also adds a shinier, more lush effect.
There is a preferable procedure for the application of this oil. Its temperature should be warm, which can be achieved by heating it up at least two teaspoons in the microwave for twenty seconds. The oil is best applied by massaging it unto the scalp in firm circular motions to help stimulate blood flow. This could be left for a minimum of three hours or even overnight if possible before washing it out. Be sure however to use a towel to avoid staining the pillows or sheets with the oil.
With regard to hair growth, the same properties that keep hair moisturised are also the ones keeping it healthy and strong. It prevents hair damage by locking in the proteins it requires for its maintenance and development. This leaves it with an excellent fragrance and nicely conditioned. Most importantly, it does not have any side effects. Coconut oil can revitalize the scalp by aiding in the removal of dandruff upon its surface. This can help it breathe easier, allowing more oxygen to circulate and stimulate the growth of hair strands.
It should be noted that totally preventing hair loss has yet to be accomplished. Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition that affects a majority of both men and women alike. This is perhaps the most common form of balding and does not go away on its own. Its onset is gradual and deliberate, though it may be slowed down through treatment. Other forms of hair loss, such as the ones brought about by stress might be easier to remedy. This is because hair begins to regrow once the root cause of the stress is addressed. The degree of difficulty of treatment is of course a case-to-case basis as there are different thresholds for stress among people.
What coconut oil can do is to boost the health of hair strands and encourage blood flow when it is massaged unto the scalp, that much is certain. Conclusive studies have yet to be performed to find out if this “miracle oil” can indeed stop the onset of balding. It can aid in maintaining a full head of hair, though it might not be of much help should the balding condition be in its latter stages. Those who plan to use coconut oil might want to temper their expectations. This should be considered for maintenance purposes for those who want to keep their hair healthy though not really to stop their hair loss.


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