Scalp micropigmentation versus DermMatch concealer

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Camouflaging hair loss has long been a practice by those who have androgenetic alopecia. It was as easy as putting on a hat to cover any pronounced baldness. This evolved into using wigs or even performing creative “comb-overs”. Gradually, products were developed to apply over a balding scalp. One of the more popular concealers is DermMatch. It uses ultra fine powders to help thicken any existing hair strands and hides a balding scalp. This might be effective in the short term though it has been known to fade after a certain amount of time. The consumer would need to constantly reapply the product. This can be time consuming and will often generate mixed results.

This video talks about A.J.’s scalp micropigmentation treatment. He was a former user of applied concealers such as DermMatch and is so glad that he finally had a procedure done to address his hair loss. He had two sessions performed to lower his hairline as well as to create greater density for his existing hair. It is obvious that the pigments have effectively covered the white patches of scalp. The change is quite noticeable by viewing his before and after photos.
A.J. used to have a thin white scar at the back of his head. People used to ask him if it was an accident caused by cutting his own hair. It was a clear white line that could be quite easy to detect. The treatment was able to effectively conceal this as well. It looks like any part of his scalp now having been able to blend in nicely with its surrounding area. A.J. is even more confident to tell people that he cuts his hair himself. He is quite happy with how the scalp micropigmentation treatment turned out on this part of his head.
He shares that the overall procedure went quite well. The first session was done in Birmingham while the other one was performed in Harley Street. There was a bit of discomfort though it was not felt throughout the entire duration of the treatment. His first session felt more like a massage because it was performed over the top of his head. He was just aware of the practitioner’s fingers being there and not the pin pricks. The second session however generated a higher amount of pain though it was nothing he could not tolerate. It was around the upper sides of his head but was something that was quite bearable.
A.J. says that he received positive feedback from the people he knew. Most of them did not even notice that he had scalp micropigmentation until he told them. Despite pointing out the location of the treatment they still had to exert some effort to tell the difference between his actual hair follicles and the pigments. He now feels more confident doing his activities. Applying a concealer just to make his hair appear fuller and thicker used to form part of his daily regimen. After scalp micropigmentation however even he has a hard time telling the difference where it ends and his real hair begins.


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