Can shampoo prevent hair loss?

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Hair loss shampoos have been readily available for years now. However, the majority aren’t exactly proven to work. After all, there are so many different potential causes of hair loss and each requires a different type of treatment.

In the majority of cases, hair loss shampoo will prove ineffective because the hair loss isn’t caused by a PH imbalance which is what most hair manufacturers claim their products will resolve . However, in some cases shampoo could actually be the right form of treatment. Here, you’ll discover how shampoo could resolve your hair loss worries.

What types of hair loss could shampoo help with?

Hair loss shampoos are typically written off as a useless, waste of money. However, if they truly didn’t work, it’s unlikely they’d still be on the market. The truth is, for the majority of hair loss conditions, shampoo will prove to be totally ineffective. However, in some cases it could actually prove useful.

If your hair troubles are caused by a bacterial or fungal infection or excess oil build-up, the right shampoo could be the answer. This is because the problems mentioned are typically caused by a PH imbalance. Hair loss shampoos work to correct the imbalance and stop the hair loss in its tracks.

Of course, if you do have an infection on the scalp, shampoo alone won’t treat it. Instead, you’ll likely need medication to resolve the infection before the shampoo can work its magic.

The importance of getting an accurate diagnosis

Before trying out a hair loss shampoo, it’s worth getting a diagnosis from a doctor or hair loss expert. They will be able to assess the scalp and determine whether a PH imbalance could be the issue. If it isn’t, a hair loss shampoo is unlikely to stop the condition and you’d be better advised to try something clinically proven like finasteride or minoxidil.




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