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burger and friesWhen you’re searching for a hair loss cure, McDonald’s is the last place you’d think to look. However, according to surprising new research, the key to baldness could be found in McDonald’s fries.

Japanese researchers discovered that the famous fast food chain’s fries contain a chemical which can help to encourage hair growth. However, before you rush out and buy yourself an extra-large portion of fries, you might want to hold back. The fries themselves aren’t going to solve your hair loss woes, instead a cure could be developed using the chemical identified in the fries.

Study proved successful on mice

The Japanese researchers carried out a study to test their new method, using mice. After just a few days, the mice started to regrow their hair. The researchers claim they used a simple method which involved using human stem cells to encourage the production of new hair follicles.

The researchers produced hair follicle germs (HFGs) within the lab – the first time this has ever been achieved. They claim the secret to its success was a chemical also found in McDonald’s fries known as Dimethylpolysiloxane. The fast food chain uses this chemical to stop the cooking oil foaming, making the fries safer to produce.

It is the first time anyone has been able to produce hair follicles in this way, making it one of the most exciting developments within the hair loss industry in years.

So, will eating fries help cure baldness?

While the Dimethylpolysiloxane has helped with the regeneration of hair follicles, unfortunately eating McDonalds fries isn’t going to help your hair to regrow. Instead, the chemical needs to be used in a fairly complex way within the lab to prove effective.

What’s more, the fires contain a lot of other nasty ingredients which, if eaten in excess could actually encourage your hair loss to get worse! So, while the new research is certainly promising, it’s going to be years before a treatment can be produced.

In the meantime, there are some excellent treatments available which can help treat your hair loss worries. If you want to find out about any of them then you can call us or complete the form on the right to speak for free and in confidence to one of our team of friendly experts.


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