New Hair Loss Treatment Gaining Recognition

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MHT®, or the Micro Hair Technique, is a relatively new hair loss treatment, but is fast gaining recognition as the most innovative, groundbreaking hair loss solution available.

What started as a mere idea, following years of training and combining existing cosmetic enhancement techniques, has now become one of the worlds fastest growing hair loss treatments. Although MHT® may be in the eyes of many, a new hair loss treatment, the technique has actually been available from HIS Hair Clinic for over 7 years.

As our reputation has grown, word has spread about our solution, and we now receive enquiries from, and treat, clients from all over the world. At the time of writing (Sunday 3rd October 2010), our Birmingham clinic is currently playing host to a client from Qatar, one from the Netherlands, another from Los Angeles, a Scandinavian chap, and three more from various parts of the United Kingdom. This cross-section of society is a fairly typical representation of a day in the life of HIS Hair Clinic, and shows just how far reaching MHT® has become, appealing to hair loss sufferers from all walks of life, of all ages, all backgrounds and of course, of all ethnicities and nationalities.

Our mission is simple – to provide an attractive, permanent and financially accessible solution for hair loss sufferers worldwide, and to offer a real alternative for those considering hair transplant surgery, who may be concerned about what is perceived to be a major procedure. If you are looking for a new hair loss treatment, please feel free to contact us. It may also be worth viewing our results in the gallery, and speaking with existing HIS clients in our hair loss forum.


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