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As part of our expansion program, HIS Hair Clinic are very proud to announce the successful launch of MHT® Micro Hair Technique treatments in the United States.

Commencing operations in the United States was virtually an inevitability, following huge interest from the American market. This has been confirmed by the significant volume of website traffic originating from the United States, and the rapidly increasing number of enquiries and bookings we are receiving from American clients.

Over the last few weeks we have treated many clients from California, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Montana and Miami. We are pleased to report that the treatments these clients have received, have been met with the same enthusiastic and highly positive feedback we receive every day in our British and European clinics.

We also were pleased to help clients who, during our recent trip to the US, travelled to meet us from elsewhere in the world to receieve their treatment. These clients hailed from various locations including Vermont in Canada, and Melbourne in Australia.

For a detailed account, written by one of our clients who met us in the United States, read Jav’s forum post here.


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