HIS Seattle and HIS San Francisco Consultation days

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SF Thurs., August 24th | SEA Fri., August 25th

You’ve probably spent enough time on the websites and the chat rooms, looking and researching this wonderful hair loss alternative solution called scalp micropigmentation. Not there’s any issue with doing your research — its a MUST if you’re considering feeling the needle. But after a certain amount time in front of the computer, there comes a time for one to go and see what the this SMP is all about.

And what a perfect place to do just that than an official HIS Hair consultation day.

Upcoming consultation days for HIS San Francisco and HIS Seattle are coming up next week, San Francisco on Thursday, August 24th and Seattle on Friday, August 25th.

If you’re not sure what goes on at a consultation day, its a designated day where our consultants and practitioners dedicated to educating those interested parties on all things SMP and HIS Hair.

Want to see what the SMP looks like on a real scalp and not a photo on the computer? Any time you book an appointment for a consultation, you are guaranteed to see the SMP live and in person.

Curious to see what facilities look like and perhaps sit in the very treatment chair you may be spending some time in? A consultation appointment provides you that experience. Come, see, sit.

Got a question that you can’t find an answer to on the internet? Your consultation ensures you have the consultants undivided attention for the duration* of the meeting. You’ll be able to ask anything and everything with regards to the treatment, the company, and how it all pertains to you. Our consults with build you a personally tailored treatment plan and walk you through the procedure as it applies to you.

And the best part, consultations are absolutely FREE and with NO obligation.

If you’ve just started your exploration or if you’ve already had a consultation and just need a second look, all our welcome. HIS Hair wants you to be comfortable and confident when it comes to your SMP treatment.

To make an appointment or confirm your booking, simply contact client services:

e: USA@hishairclinic.co.uk
t: 1-855-447-4247

*Consultations are schedule to run 30 minutes.


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