Options for hair transplant surgery in Manchester

Hair Transplant Surgery

If you are experiencing problems with hair loss and you want to do something about it, then you can visit one of the many hair transplant clinics in Manchester, however there are alternatives to surgery also available in the city

Most of the surgeons that live and work in Manchester have many years of education and practice in the field of hair restoration and hair transplant in particular. The hair transplant options in Manchester (in terms of the procedures themselves) are the same as in every other corner of the world. The two procedures that are offered almost everywhere are Follicular Unit Extraction and the Strip Method.

In both of these procedures hair follicles are being taken from the donor area and transplanted to the places where the hair of the patient had started thinning. Another similarity between the procedures is that the follicular units are being dissected before they are placed where it is necessary. This is done because in that way you can cover bigger transplant areas with hairs from a much smaller donor area. The main difference between Strip and FUE is that in the Follicular Unit Extraction the follicular units are being taken out one by one.

Manchester hair transplant clinic

If you have already decided to have a hair transplant you can go to one of the many clinics in Manchester. However, you shouldn’t choose the clinic where you intend to go only by how low their quotation is. You’d better find out some more information about the surgeons that work there and about their education and training. After all, these are the men that will deal with your problem and you want to make sure that they are qualified enough for this procedure. Another good piece of advice for choosing the best hair transplant option is to find some feedback from patients that have undergone the same procedure. What’s more, on the websites of most of the clinics there are ‘before and after’ stories which are usually an indication that the clinic does not hide their former patients.

Farjo and Crown Clinic are two of the best known hair restoration clinics in Manchester but there are also many other clinics that specialise in the field and have surgeons that are certainly very reputable.

A word of caution

Hair restoration is an invasive surgical procedure and there are sometimes complications. You should always be ready to respond as quickly as possible if you feel that something is not right. If you ever happen to feel or see something that wasn’t described by your surgeon you should immediately arrange another appointment for an assessment.

What is the main alternative to surgery?

The solutions available to hair loss sufferers are more numerous than they used to be, and there is more help available than just hair systems and concealers now. We specialise in advanced scalp micropigmentation procedures, a less invasive option versus hair transplant surgery that offers guaranteed results.

We operate a dedicated clinic in Manchester, not far from the Palace Theatre at the following address:

HIS Hair Clinic
61 Oxford Street
Oxford Place
M1 6EQ

Tel: 0845 6044618
Email: info@hishairclinic.co.uk

For a free informal consultation please feel free to contact us. Alternatively for more information please feel free to learn about our treatment, our company and for case studies, please see our video library.


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