Looking for the best hair transplant surgeon in Paris?

Hair Transplant Surgery

Paris is the city of love. It is the city of the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphant Arc and many other landmarks. However, this is not all that Paris is famous for. The hair transplant surgeons in Paris are some of the best in the world due to the magnificent medical and surgical education in France.

Paris hair restoration optionsMost people nowadays are well aware of the fact that baldness can be treated by hair transplantation, and this combined with the recent splurge in celebrity transplant confessions has created a lift in demand around the world, including in Paris.

Before deciding to undergo a similar operation, you should try to learn as much as possible about the offered procedures. They are a number of options and the specific treatment is tailored for every patient. However, most of the hair transplant procedures involve extracting follicles from a part of your body and transplanting them to your scalp. After the extraction the grafts are usually separated and that allows the surgeon to cover a bigger area compared to the area from where the follicles are taken. The final procedure that is performed is the transplantation. The surgeon would usually assess your condition and would decide how many follicles should be transplanted per square centimetre.

The major disadvantage of these procedures is that they leave scars in the part from where the follicles are taken. However, techniques are quite advanced now and this allows the surgeon to make those scars as small as possible and also cover them so that they are less visible. If scarring is a concern, then go for a FUE procedure, not a strip procedure.

If you have already decided to undergo a hair transplant operation all that is left for you is to choose the clinic where you intend to go. In Paris you can choose from many clinics but it is always good to go in one of the best clinics.

One of the most reputable hair restoration clinics in Paris is A Best Hair clinic. Another surgeon who reviews well is Dr Jean Devroye. He is a French surgeon that has studied, trained and worked in many parts of the world. This has given him a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical experience for performing hair transplant operations. He works in many different clinics around the world but Paris is one of the cities where he gives consultations and performs operations.

No matter which of the many hair transplant surgeons in Paris you choose, it is always a good idea to dig some more information about the surgeon you intend to go to. You should also try to find some reviews from former patients because this will enable you to get some really important information about the techniques that are used and about the experience of the surgeon.

Have you considered scalp micropigmentation?

There is more than one way to conceal your hair loss. In the past, alternatives to surgery were limited to hair systems, concealers or drugs, however there are many more options available now.

Scalp micropigmentation is the worlds fastest growing hair loss treatment, and as the worlds number one specialist, HIS Hair Clinic operates a dedicated SMP clinic in the city of Paris.

If you are considering hair surgery, make sure you consider the alternatives first as a hair transplant is non-reversible, expensive and is not without its drawbacks.


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