How a hair transplant gave this barber his mojo back

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Barber gets his mojo back after hair transplant

Barber gets his mojo back after hair transplantThere can be a tendency to see hair loss as an “amusing” condition and bald men often find themselves the butt of the joke.

Whilst many men simply accept the inevitable ravages of time and take the ribbing in good humour there are some people who find the condition debilitating and life changing.

For some people their hair is indivisibly tied up with their identity and if it starts to thin then there can be a huge drop in confidence and self-esteem.

Giving up sport and socialising because of hair loss

A Worcester barber, Keiran Groves, is a perfect example of how hair loss can damage your life. He started losing his hair at the age of 22 and it really knocked him for six.

He was so conscious of his thinning hair that he stopped going out with his friends and avoided sports where his hair would get wet, emphasising the onset of baldness.

Keiran explained his anguish to the Daily Express, saying, “If it was raining, I’d make an excuse not to go out – if my hair got wet you could see how thin it was. I stopped playing football and swimming for the same reason.
“Giving up football was really hard for me. I was playing semi-professionally so turning my back on it because I was losing my hair was really hard.

“It sounds mad looking back that it got to that point but it knocks your confidence so much that it does impact on everything you do.”

Transplants and other solutions

Fortunately for Keiran, he decided to have a hair transplant and the results were 100% successful with complete regrowth in the balding areas. As his hair returned so did his confidence and like magic he got his life back on track.

Transplants aren’t cheap and aren’t for everybody though and there are other alternatives that can restore confidence without surgery. One increasingly popular treatment is Scalp Micropigmentation whereby a highly realistic illusion of real hair is created by layering pigments into the patient’s scalp. The treatment is less invasive than a transplant and a good clinic will guarantee the results.

Whether it’s SMP or a transplant it’s important to speak to a hair loss specialist clinic such as HIS Hair, who will be able to advise you on the most appropriate solutions for your particular case.


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